Product Info

-Depending on the type of linen you can handwash or machine wash on a gental cycle and air dry on a hanger.

  • -Some linen shirts must be dry cleaned to keep the form. Check the care on the tags.

  • -Use Starch when ironing is a great way to keep your linen looking crisp and fresh


Linen Pant Care            

  • -Most linen pants must be dry cleaned. 

  • -Drawstring Linen Pants and relaxed unlined pants can be washed by hand or machine washed on a gental cycle and air dried.

  • -Use Starch when ironing to bring back the shape you wants


Linen Suit Care           

  • -Dry Clean only

  • -Starch can be used to keep the wrinkles to a mininum.


Enjoy your linen and don't worry about the wrinkles... They are Free.....